About JVB

Joseph VanBuren is a writer, music artist, horror lover, traveler, student, and survivor. As an artist and owner of Sykophunk Productions, he has written, performed, and/or produced hundreds of globally distributed songs; opened up for national acts such as Rehab, Anybody Killa, Liquid Assassin, Razakel, Lil Wyte, Scum, and 2 Live Crew; and had one of his tracks played on The Colbert Report. Spawned from the Hudson Valley, New York, he now studies English and Psychology in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he lives with his beloved fiance and adorably neurotic dog. His current projects include getting a bachelor’s degree and creating a multi-media post-apocalyptic horror experience.

“Though my interests are a spectrum, my specialty is creative writing of the dark and twisted variety that often comments on social issues and taps into the psychological struggle of being human. I am the gothic Saul Williams: a semi-surreal sorcerer of sentence and sound, invoking the insight into insanity and human horror of Edgar Allen Poe, the lyrical rhythm and raw realism of The Wu-Tang Clan, and the whimsically dismal atmosphere of Tim Burton.”

Since my days as a teenage Dungeon Master, I have written my own everything, including tons of songs;  two self-published books, one of short stories and the other of poetry; articles, essays, and reviews; one screenplay and one video game script; and my biggest personal project: Dark Domain a.k.a. Nocternal. Read more: click here.


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